F O L L O W !
Hi cyberpeeps!

it's been a while since i've posted here.

it's 4AM and i've been searching for ways to make my pocket wifi faster. 

then i've somehow found a way. 

In the profile management, i chose SUN BROADBAND NOMAD. 

My problem now is:

since i'm post paid, and this is my first time trying this setting, will the 799 price of my bill go higher? 

i mean, will i pay more than the plan that i've enrolled for? 

or will it still be a fixed 799? 

can anyone help me with this? 


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email response from one of our candidates:

I just want to share this email response from one of our candidates here at (insert company name). To give you a background of what happened, I sent an email to candidates who still need to take their exam, asking first if they're still interested to pursue their application, then I got this answer from one of them. 

(P.S. names were not mentioned)

Hi Ms Ace, 

Yes I'm still interest to purse my application.. these is the situation. but last time you've said maglunchbreak muna kami, then after 40 mins bumalik kmi ni *toooooot*. then sbi nila tatawagan nyo poh ang name nmn for taken exam, eventually hindi poh natawag ang name nmin, maybe sa dami ngapply na isip poh namin nah natabunan nah, kaya umuwi n lng poh kami..

Thanks and regards 


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i finally made an instagram account! I've been wanting to make an account however, my phone is not android supported. 

Anyway, I've tried using "acealba" for my user name, apparently someone was already using it. I tried typing my yahoo email but someone is using it as well *shocking* and then i remembered, once I tried registering for instagram, however it was not successful, I've used "acealba" as my username and my yahoo email address. I tried logging "acealba" but i forgot the password already *waaahhh* then when I tried to reset the password a prompt saying that the username "acealba" nor my yahoo email doesn't exist. It's really confusing and frustrating.

Sooooo, I've decided to use my gmail account for my email and the user name "ace_alba". I don't really like it to have an underscore but what the heck! Does anyone here knows how to search and delete an account? HAHAHA I want my username to be "acealba" so bad! 

I'm happy that I have my instagram account! Feel free to follow me! :) Just click on my picture :)

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random post: can't help but share, me and my sister last night
First, I want to introduce my sister, her name is Kimberly. I call her "Kim", she calls me "cookie". Why cookie? Maybe you'll think of it as an endearment, BUT NO! Before, i have a lot of pimples, that's why the "cookie-endearment" was invented. Even now that my face is clear and  presentable she still calls me "cookie" because she was used to it.

Kim is a registered nurse. She's very good and currently training at St. Luke's Medical Center.

Anyway, enough of that, what I really want to share was our conversation yesterday.

When I'm at the office I saw her facebook status :
 (let's drink!! >:D)

I instantly felt that she's having problems again with regards to having a boyfriend. She badly wants to have a boyfriend (yes you read it right). When I got home, she looked at me like an abnormal person (just staring weirdly in silence)Then our conversation started.

ace: WHAT?!

(kim still staring)

ace:  baliw ka na naman! anong problema mo?! gusto mo na naman ng boyfriend?! (you're being crazy! what's your problem?! you want to have a boyfriend again?!)

(her expression suddenly changed into a frown)

kim: OO!! waaaah! nakinig na naman kasi ako nung playlist ko, naalala ko na naman yung mga walanghiyang lalaking yan! (YES! waaah! I've listened to my playlist and I remembered those shameless men again!)

ace: eh abnormal ka! magpalit ka kasi ng playlist!-_- (change your playlist, abnormal!)

(kim ranting)

ace: nakita ko yugn status mo ah! tara inoooom! bumili ka na nung "the bar margarita" (i saw your status, come on let's drink! you buy "the bar margarita" ) 

kim: bakit may problema ka rin no? (why do you have a problem too?)

ace: wala baliw! shempre love kita kaya sasamahan kitang uminom! (none, crazy! of course i love you, that's why I'll accompany you while drinking!)

kim: weh?! anong pinagdadaaan mo ate? (*doubts* what are you going through?)

ace: muntanga to, wala! gusto ko lang tikman yung "the bar margarita" (stupid! nothing! I just want to taste "the bar margarita")

kim: woooo!! ano nga te? (seriously, what are you going through?)

ace: kailangan pag sasamahan ka uminom may problema na agad agad? (is it a prerequisite to have a problem first before drinking with you?)

Kim laugh. Then we agreed to drink the next day (today-Friday-April5).  

a collage that i made way back 2012 ☺
From time to time, Kim rants about her love life. She had a bad experience with her past lover(s)

Sometimes she feels like something is wrong with her that's why guys leave her. She knows her limits well and sticks to her values which may be an issue to guys. 

Every time I hear her saying this, I feel sad. I always tell her this: "nothing's wrong with you! something's wrong with the man! he's the abnormal one!", "don't rush, the right man for you will come, just focus on something else". 

My siblings are precious to me. It hurts and sometimes annoying when I see them crying or ranting over something stupid (having a sister sometimes feel like a pain in the a**).

All the more, I'm really glad that I have a sister who is always there and accepts me for who I am (and also the one to braid my hair fishtail style and folds my shirt to make the sleeves look shorter haha)

We laugh, we cry, we make time fly. Best friends are we, my sister and me :)

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hello side swept bangs! how i missed you! ♥
i'm so happy to announce that i can side swept my bangs again! HOOORAAAY!!

I've been waiting to do this since February! HAHAHA so I'm very happy! You can even see and read my previous blog when I cut my bangs too short, worst day ever!

However, my side-bangs are still not automatically side-swept unlike before.
I still have to comb it to the left and part my hair sideways! Well, it's kinda okay doing this than dealing with the full bangs, which for your information, I was able to accept, BUT I still prefer my side swept bangs :)
thank you Google
 for this image ☺

Having full bangs is very difficult to manage. Specially this summer. I feel extra hot (as in LITERALLY hot because of the scorching heat of the sun). I experienced  having the feeling that something is covering my whole forehead, uggghhh or I'm just paranoid because I really feel like a coconut husk! →

You really have to have a small comb for your bangs if it's full, since it will part in half and you will look like a "katchupoy" (a Filipino slang term for center-parted hair including the bangs, just like of Alfalfa in Little Rascals).

I didn't even post any pictures of myself with full bangs in Facebook or in my twitter account, except pictures tagged by my friends or family. Maybe because I don't really like my full bangs (confused -_- ).

All the more, I very happy that my side swept bangs is back :) I'm also glad of experiencing a full bangs BUT I will never cut my bangs that way ever again! :) 

Looking forward to the gradual growth of my bangs! :)

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suddenly fascinated with funny drawings on eggs :)

*random egg images from google*

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see you! until we meet again! :*

February 22, 2013 wasn't a really good day for me, my eyes were sore from crying last night (the night before 22-Feb-2013). I just want to sleep and go home. I thought no one would notice my eyes but two of my office mates did, maybe because I wasn't wearing make up that very moment, that, or, I'm crankier than normal.

To cheer up, I spent the day reading Solanin (a manga recommended by my boyfriend). It was about a girl named Meiko, who then after graduating from college, went straight to work as an office lady. She can't help feeling that there should be something more to life so she quits her job. Her boyfriend also died in the middle of the story (ooops! SPOILER! hahaha). I cried while reading, not sure if it's the story or I'm just emotional that day.

I also got news that we will have a despidida for Carene since it's her last day with us. We went to Kangaroo Jack after work. We had dinner and some drinks. Most of my office mates ordered heavy meals, however me, Pagu and Roma just ordered 2 platters of beer mates for our viand since I have rice in my bag (haha)

credits to Pagu for the pictures! I stole it from his blog! ☺

There was also a live band playing (can't remember the band's name), and guess what? I was one of the jammers that night. I really don't want to sing in front of so many people, but my office mates pin pointed me *cornered*. Rather than being kill joy, I just go on with the flow. It was embarrassing at first, seems like my heartbeat was louder than my voice during that moment however I became at ease when the second verse of the song started. I sang "torete". 

me on stage :) [once again, thank you Pagu for the pictures! ☺]

It was nice spending time with my office mates, especially during that day. Somehow forgot about my problems. Just a moment full of stories, laughter and LIQUOR. 

I not so sad that Carene is leaving Accenture for good because she's been waiting for this. Thanks for everything Carene! I won't say goodbye since I know we'll be seeing each other from time to time. Your Accenture Family will always be here for you! 
(please see motivational penguin below hahaha) 
☺ ☺ ☺